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Dear Clients and Future Clients,

Thank you for your interest in learning more about us.

Key Points

What motivates you to still DJ...

This is a great question but a very simple one for me to answer. There are my main reasons why I've done this so long.
#1. Simply, because I love to do it! There is nothing like knowing you are the one creating once-in-a-lifetime memories by providing a memorable and fun environment for clients and their guests.
#2. My Family. My wife and son are my life and by me continuing to be a DJ, MC, and industry consultant, it helps me give them the life they deserve.

How long have you been a DJ...

I’ve been a professional DJ and MC since 1977. I started out in 1975 as a DJ’s assistant, then DJ, for Roller City Roller-Rinks Friday night dance parties. In 1977 I was asked to DJ a surfing competition at Huntington Beach begining my professional career. I was known as Professor Jam and my company then was called A Spinnin'Crazy Productions *Click Here* to view my 1st website in Feb. 1997.

What is your DJing "style"?...

This has been a very common question lately, and there are many ways I can answer this, but the short answer is…. My entertainment style is to provide a professional but relaxed vibe to your event. I do this by talking to you and your guests like we have been friends forever (No cheesy fake radio voice) and energize your party by playing the music you want to hear. I do mix my music seamlessly to give you a great party!


Congratulations Rader on being a part of the big picture. One of our state's greatest resources is individuals who give selflessly of themselves to help others.

Lawton Chiles Former Governor of Florida

I officially recognize Rader for his distinguished service to the citizens of Ohio through volunteer efforts on behalf of numerous charities his efforts have surely improved the quality of life for many people.

George V. Voinovich Former Governor of Ohio

One of Florida's greatest resources is individuals, such as William Rader, who are comitted to helping others. You have demonstrated a remarkable willingness to get involved in the lives of those around you, and your active compassion has set a shinning example for others to follow. You are to be commended for the dedication and determination you have exhibited to meet the needs of your community. Thank you for your gifts of time and service.

Bob Graham Former Governor of Florida

You did a great job Rader! Your music selection was respectful, energized and balanced. Now your going to have to teach my son how to DJ from your Space Jam system.

Tony Dungy Tampa Bay Buccaneers Former Coach

Thank You so much for being the DJ/Emcee during the A.C.S. Relay For Life events. You did an outstanding job! I can't thank you enough for all of your time & energy you gave.

Melinda Prevatt A.C.S. Operations Director

Thank you so much for helping to make our special day so wonderful. We received so many compliments about our "Emcee/Entertainer".
Thank you for recommending Dave - our video turned out beautiful.

Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Audra Burkett @ Walt Disney World Resort

Dear Rader "Professor Jam" Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! You played a major role in the success of my daughters wedding. We are still having guests comment on what a wonderful party and how much fun they had. Many have asked "Where did you bring him in from he can't be from around here"? I just tell them that you were a gift from God. Really, I will refer you to anyone that has a need for a DYNAMIC DJ. Have a great Holiday.

Mrs. Linda R. Roe President of Roe Financial Corporation

A Message From Our Owner Professor Jam...


Thank you for taking the time to investigate my company’s website. For over 40 years I have served the entertainment and event planning needs of thousands of social and corporate clients. One key to my longevity is focus and emphasis on assessing the needs unique to each client. From the time that we first communicate, together we work to create a customized music and entertainment experience tailored to fit your specific needs.

My companies emphasis on new technology development, and event production, is another reason for my company’s success in an exploding industry where many claim to be DJs. I have worked both sides of the event industry, as a vendor contracted by clients to offer DJ event services and as a venue facility manager for 4and 5 star event and conference centers, managing all aspects for our clients events. I have a unique perspective and manage the company with Personal Care! I am very proud of our quality-centered services.

Many companies, and/or individuals, who are entering the DJ services industry are either individual, work from home operators, multi-op companies or national booking agent companies that farm out-out client leads to advertisers. I'm proud to be a locally owned and operated indipendant company, with deep roots in our community, and a commitment to give back.

Below, you'll find included a few articals, awards, and DJ industry recognitions, to define the difference between my service and others. I want to give you the peace-of-mind the services offered are supported by prior results and a track record of success.

Please give us an opportunity to talk with you about your event needs. If my company is not the right fit for you, I will help you resource other options. Give me a call at 404.403.0491, or click the "Contact Us" link to fill out an online request for a call back.

Enjoy the articals below and thank you again for reading about my company and event services. All of the images and quotes on this website are actual clients and vendors I've worked with. I'm grateful to both our clients and vendors for permitting me to include their photos and personal experiences.

Awards, Articals and Interesting News...

Awards and articals shown are not based on advertising agreements.

Professor Jam carrying the Olympic flame in the Centennial Olympic Games Torch Relay

Community Hero

Selected as a Tampa Bay Community Hero Olympic Torchbearer with the privilege of using the torch to set off a huge 4th of July fireworks display to a cheering crowd of 140,000+

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Professor Jam recieved the Humanitarian of the Year Award during the ADJA awards show in Ls Vegas

Humanitarian Award

During what is considered the "Oscars" within the mobile DJ industry, his peers presented Professor Jam the "Humanitarian of the Year" award during the ADJ Awards show in Las Vegas...

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Professor Jam has DJed for several celebrity events George Lucan, Deonna Warwich, Whitney Houston and many others

Celebrity DJing

Interviewed for feature story on DJing celebrity clients by DJ Times Magazine. "All my clients are treated as celebrities", said Professor Jam. "A few however are just a little more popular then others".

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Professor Jam featured in DJ Times Magazine photographed by Rolling Stones photographer Rahav Cosi

The Digital Domain

As a pioneer in Computer DJing Professor Jam and three others are Interviewed for feature story by DJ Times magazine. Photograph for this article was taken in San Francisco by Rolling Stone photographer Rahav Cosi.

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Professor Jam mixing live from Tampa Bay Buccaneers Raymond James Stadium Pirate Ship

The $3 Million Dollar Stage

Professor Jam had the honor of being one the fist DJs to emcee and mix from Tampa Bay's premier stage, the Pirate Ship in Raymond James stadium for Nutmegs George Lucas Star Wars collection release.

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Professor Jam featured in DJ Times magazine artical on Digital mixing

Professional Endorsements

DJ Times magazine feature Key influencer in the multi billion dollar digital music industry. Evangelized a new technology that is now commonplace. Credited for Branding the name 'PCDJ'

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Professor Jam featured in EQ trade magazine on Digital DJing with PCDJ

The Future of DJing

As an industry pioneer in computer DJing, I'm often interviewed, quoted or featured in national magazines or newspapers such as EQ magazine which is the professional recording engineer and producer guide

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Professor Jam shown holding bike after triumpet 3500 mile bike ride across America

3,500 Mile Ride Across America

Raising over $750,000.00 for a variety of charities Professor Jam and sixty-six others cycled from Long Beach, California to Boston, Massachusetts to support local and national non-profits.

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Professor Jam or Raders name was officially read into the United States Congressional Record in Washington DC

US Congressional Record

On Tuesday, June 2, 1992, the Honorable James A. Traficant, Jr. Congressman with the House of Representatives, read Raders name, in tribute, into the Congressional Record in Washington DC.

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Friday November 1 1991 recognized by official Proclamation as Paul Rader aka Professor Jam day for the City of Niles Ohio by Mayor Joseph Parise

November 1, 1991 Rader Day

Friday, November 1, 1991 officially recognized by Proclamation as Paul Rader aka Professor Jam day for commendable, philantropic contributions of his own volition by Mayor Joseph Parise

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Professor Jam shown during a live event March 23 1981 in Surfer Style his long hair and trademark Lighting Bolt shirt

41+ Years 1977 to Present

Starting as a Disc Jockey assistant, than DJ, at Roller-City Skating rink in 75 Rader shown in this photo DJing and Emcing an event in Southern Califorinia on the campus of Mt. San Antionio College March 23, 1981.

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Professor Jam or Raders name was officially read into the United States Congressional Record in Washington DC

Official Governor Recognition

Oficially recognized with letters of merit from Florida Governor Lawton Chiles, Ohio Governor George V. Voinovich for distinguished service to the citizens that have surely improved the quality of life for many people.

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